Eddie Accomando

Eddie Accomando has been researching human behavior/market trends for 18 years, creating unique research methodologies that reveal the reasons behind decision making and high-tech product adoption.

He employs qualitative and quantitative techniques as an applied anthropologist, experienced in the management of customer/employee satisfaction programs from sale to completion.

Career highlights include contributions to the development of a proprietary research methodology for GTE, where he managed various nationally recognized vendors and developed advanced metrics to evaluate employee morale, customer satisfaction, and brand sentiment. He moved from the ILEC to focus on Internet when GTE became Verizon, helping to bring the nascent DSL product to maturity by creating a state-of-the-art research plan on the team that developed the Verizon Online DSL Self Install Kit. The application of his human factors and usability research promoted widespread adoption of this newly affordable technology. He also developed communications and customer retention programs for Verizon.

At Insight Communications, he created the Insight Broadband Self Install Kit, conducted usability studies, and bought primary and secondary market/competitive research.

His current assignment is at Texas Instruments, where he has completed over 100 studies on customers and employees. His focus is on understanding the behavior of design engineers and maximizing employee satisfaction to drive product adoption and revenue. His conception, design, implementation, and management of an online global customer panel has vastly improved the quality and reliability of research data at Texas Instruments, resulting in an invitation to speak at the 2011 MRE (Market Research Event). Eddie will also be presenting his research at the ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) conference in Mexico City on 5/14/2012.

Eddie is a certified focus group moderator (RIVA) with a B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Dallas in Philosophy with a concentration in Languages, and a M.A. (ABD) from Southern Methodist University in Cultural Anthropology. He is an Adjunct Instructor in Anthropology at Tarrant County College on the Trinity River Campus.

Applied Research Specialties

Focus Group Moderation
Project Management
Market Research
Quantitative Methods
One on One Interviewing
Usability / Human Factors Research
Policy Recommendations
Program Development
Global Research Panels

Areas of Interest: Academic Anthropology


Comparative religion
Race as cultural construct
Modern political discourse
Choice / decision models / predictive analytics / MRC
Internet and influenced cultural values and norms
Global economic development
Research program design / methodology
Mediterranean Europe (history and political development)


Symbolic communication and meaning
Non-verbal communication


North American Native populations
Environmental studies
Pre-historical timeline visual displays

Physical Anthropology

Human growth and development – Age sets
Human genome research
Evolutionary biology and human adaptation


B.A. Philosophy (Concentration in Languages and Theatre) University of Dallas 1992

M.A. Anthropology (Learning Enhancement Assistant, Teaching Assistant, A.B.D.) 1995

RIVA Certified Focus Group Moderator 1997

Mediation / Negotiation training at University of North Texas

Speaker at Market Research Event, Peabody Hotel, Orlando, FL. 2011

Speaker at ESOMAR Conference, Mexico City, May 12-15, 2012.


American Legion Scholarly Excellence Award

National Honor Society

Phi Beta Kappa Member (Philosophy – inducted as a Junior, 1991)

Shifting Boundaries, Changing Perspectives: A review of Anthropological Study of the Mediterranean. Thesis submitted in partial requirement of the M.A. in Anthropology

Verizon Excellence Award 2003 (ICE team leadership – Improved Customer Experience)

Texas Instruments Expert Advisory Panel: How to maximize the relationship between Social Media and Market Research, Improve Customer Communications, and Conserve Resources. November 2011, Speaker at Market Research Event, Orlando Florida.

Texas Instruments Expert Advisory Panel. Vison Critical Case Study Subject – Texas Instruments:

Multi-Language Multi-Continent Community Panels: How B2B and B2C Research can Effectively Span the World. With Monique Morden, EVP Vision Critical. Presentation at ESOMAR conference, Mexico City 5/12/2012 to 5/15/2012

How to Use Customer Panels to Conduct Higher Quality Market Research for Lower Cost in Less Time. (Case Study: from Texas Instruments)
November 2012, Speaker at Market Research Event, Boca Raton, Florida.