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Anthroconsulting is a nimble, results-focused research company specializing in program design, ethnography, quantitative and qualitative interviewing, data analysis, and the development of proprietary global research panels for hard–to–reach populations.

Eddie Accomando, Principal, has an M.A. in Anthropology from SMU and teaches Anthropology at Tarrant County College. He has worked for GTE / Verizon, Insight Communications, and Texas Instruments. This experience can benefit you!

15 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies has helped
this researcher hone his skills:

  • Predictive modeling/forecasting
  • Data analysis
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Client education / training
  • Listening and responding to internal stakeholders
  • Getting your world-class research program set up!

The costs of your own market research department can be great.

  • Employee costs / benefits
  • Vendor management costs
  • Incentives management
  • Translations quality management

Let Anthroconsulting provide you with the intelligence you need at lower cost and higher quality than you may expect! We can help you reduce your costs by designing a research program that is customized just for you. Why spend millions on a research team, when Anthroconsulting can design a program that is of extremely high quality, with little risk on your part? Let us help you!

It is a nominal fee of $200 to get an initial consultation of your research initiatives with no obligation required. Each project is customized to you; we will never just "pull it off the shelf". Your success in understanding your customers means repeat business for us – let us partner with you to reach your business objectives.

Eddie Accomando